Aligners in Dickson


We all desire a beautiful and functional smile that boosts our self-confidence and helps us enjoy better dental health. If you are looking for a treatment to straighten your teeth without the discomfort of traditional wires and braces, aligners clear aligners can help. At Island Breeze Orthodontics, we provide aligners services in Dickson to adult patients with mild to moderate bite misalignments. Aligners offers a modern orthodontic treatment that keeps your desired aesthetics and comfort in mind.

Whether you're dealing with crooked teeth, crowding, or gaps in your smile, our Aligner treatment can address it discreetly and conveniently. Our friendly dental team strives to make you feel important and welcome when you walk through our doors. We will take the time to understand the desire for your smile and develop a treatment plan that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. Contact our practice today to book your appointment.


What Is Aligner Treatment?

Patients that want to straighten their teeth without traditional metal braces can now use Aligners, an innovative orthodontic treatment. Our dentists will prepare a series of transparent plastic aligners customized for your smile. These clear trays will gradually shift your teeth to their proper position over time. Every aligner uses advanced technology and pin-pointed pressure to straighten teeth progressively.

What Can Aligners Treat?

Clear aligners are suited for mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Aligners is an ideal treatment for correcting alignment problems that may impact your long-term dental health. We can also use clear aligner trays for retreatment that addresses orthodontic relapse cases for patients who haven't worn their retainers often or accurately. Some of the issues that our dentists can treat using aligners include the following:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

Our Dickson Aligner Treatment Process

Invisalign in Dickson, TNAt Island Breeze Orthodontics, the treatment process starts with an assessment of your smile. That includes taking a scan of your smile and capturing 3D images of your teeth. Our dentists can then use Aligners software to map the movement of every tooth and determine the perfect position of your new smile. After the digital plan is completed and approved, custom-made aligners for your smile are fabricated using Aligners innovative printing process.

When your aligners are ready for pick-up, our dentists will ensure that the first set of aligners is a perfect fit and does not cause unnecessary discomfort. We'll provide all the instructions you need to guarantee success with clear aligners. You will be instructed to wear your Aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks before progressing to the next set of trays. Our dentist will schedule routine checkups to review your treatment progress and supply the next series of clear aligners. The process will continue until all your teeth are moved to their correct position.

Can Anyone Get Aligners in Dickson?

While Aligners can help most moderate bite issues, you'll need to follow certain guidelines to get the best results from treatment. Patients should wear their Aligner trays for 22 hours every day and only remove them when eating or performing oral hygiene. Because of these stringent requirements, our dentists at Island Breeze Orthodontics recommend Aligner in Dickson for adults over 18 years old.

How Do You Care for Your Clear Aligners?

To help guarantee success with your Aligners, you must take good care of them. You should remove your aligner trays when eating or snacking to prevent damaging them. Ensure that you clean your teeth after meals before reinserting your clear trays. The Aligner trays should also be cleaned using a soft brush at least once daily. If you lose one or both of your trays, you can wear the previous set to prevent losing the progress you have made, and make sure to contact our dentists immediately.

Personalized Dickson Aligners Services

If you are looking for a way to achieve your dream smile without using uncomfortable metal wires and brackets, our Aligners services in Dickson can help you. At Island Breeze Orthodontics, we want to help you achieve a healthier and more uniform smile that you can show off with confidence. Contact our office to book your initial appointment with our dentist and get started today!